Race Team Simulator
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This video gives you a tour of the user interface showing you most (but not all) of the screens in the game and the layout customisation possibilities of the race screen. It is not intended as a demonstration of gameplay so do not take too much notice of the actual settings being used. A lot of the data and graphics are placeholder and the game is still work in progress so therefore may be subject to change.

A couple of notes about the video:  The YouTube video compression seems to have made the video a bit fuzzy. I'm not sure why and what I can do about it as the original video is sharp. Sorry about that, but you will still be able to get an idea of what the racing will be like. Check out the screenshots on the Steam page for better quality screens.  Also note that the video was shot with the game set to run slightly faster than real-time so the cars may look like they're going a bit quick. It is a setting that can be changed in game so you can run the game at real-time or faster.