Race Team Simulator
Steam Greenlight

Race Team Simulator is a brand new Grand Prix racing management game. With a fully implemented race simulation engine you’ll be able to watch races like never before in a management game. Using advanced artificial intelligence and realistic physics simulation, the drivers will behave like real drivers, taking optimum racing lines and battling wheel to wheel to produce exciting on-track action.

You take control. Set the car up for the track and conditions, decide the pit stop strategy, adapt to the race situation and react to changing weather or unexpected safety cars. All whilst keeping on top of the tyre and fuel management by giving your drivers orders and controlling the hybrid engine settings.

Outside of the race weekend, manage your budget and get the best for your team by signing sponsors, drivers and suppliers. Manage the car design and schedule car updates to try and out develop your rivals. The decisions you make could be the difference between winning and losing.

Main Features
- Fully implemented race simulation with realistic physics.
- Advanced artificial intelligence that produces exciting on-track action.
- Configurable race interface with custom layouts allows you to watch the action how you want to.
- Instant race action, ideal for race fans that do not normally play computer games.
- Choose from 11 race teams and race on 19 tracks in the World Championship.
- Full race weekends including practice, knock-out qualifying and the main race.
- Get the best for your team by signing sponsors, drivers and suppliers.
- Manage your budget and car design to improve your performance.

We’re very interested to hear your feedback on what you’ve seen so far. This will help us in our development and make the game better.

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